Get lender and investor ready financials in hours

A platform for startup CPG founders to generate accrual books and collaborate with a CFO in real time

One-stop shop from automated bookkeeping to CFO discussion

Founder-friendly CFO Collaboration Platform

Auto data ingestion

All financial transactions get ingested daily.


AI-powered copilot categorizes 100% of your transactions, while you are at sleep.

Real-time ready-for-review accrual-based financials

Review and update your accrual books, while sipping a coffee.

Data-driven CFO discussion and analysis

Collaborate with a CFO, on key performance metrics, via in-app chat.


A smart software that simplifies CPG bookkeeping, reporting & analysis

Personalize it once, the rest of the work will be automated.

Customize chart of accounts
Customize categorization rules
Customize chargeback rules
Customize COGS rules
Auto categorization
Auto reconcile sales, COGS and inventory
Auto-apply chargebacks
Auto-match invoice payments
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Your extended finance ninja team

From a CPA to CFO, your engagement from accounting to strategic finance.

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Alice Zhang
ex-CFO / VP of finance / head of FP&A @ Premise @ Xerox @McKinsey
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Eric Sonsino
ex-controller & CPA @ Google @ Accenture

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